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luni, 5 martie 2012

Sunny day!

Today I am wearing this beige trench coat beacause is my favourite piece for spring..I this the trench coat has been a year-round essential for eons, and a lightweight version is the perfect piece for a blustery day.

And about my black suit I can tell only that  any fashionista about wearing a suit jacket wish jeans, and you're sure to get a mixed response. 
Some say that suit jacket and jeans is totally off-limits, others insist that it is totally in vogue. 
To pull off the look successfully, find the right balance of formal and casual. The most important part is to make the jeans look right.

Today I was wearing:

Top shop sun glasses
Otto Hermann trench coat
Louis Vuitton scarf
Otto Hermann suit jachet
Primark T-shirt
Moschino belt
Gas jeans
Passaparola booties
Love moschino bag

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