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miercuri, 21 martie 2012

Neon & plastic are fantastic!!!

 Neon denim is already starting to get very popular now. Almost every brand has brought out their take on the trend.
I personally love it and I think I like the the pastel neons more, they are more muted. I do love the highlighter shades though!
I know neon denim is somewhat of a flashback to the 80′s for quite a lot of you, but as most trends always come back around, I am also wondering what else might make a revival from the 70′s and 80′s! So what do you actually think of the new neon trend? I’m intrigued to know everyone’s opinions as I know it’s going to be a strong like a or a strong dislike! One thing I do know though is that this trend wont be going anywhere yet! It’s going to be absolutely huge for Spring/Summer!

There was a time when the contents of a lady's bag were known only to herself. To anyone else, what lay inside those four fabric walls was an absolute secret. Should you have dipped your hand in without first seeking permission your wrists would have been firmly (and very quickly) slapped away. Where man’s best friend is his dog, for women, a good handbag is the ultimate loyal companion. 
At a time when fifties fashion is ruling our catwalk (and high street alike) the notion of transparent bags becoming a simultaneous trend feels almost contradictory. The new bag, which quite literally leaves nothing to the imagination, couldn't be any further from the private archaic styles seen sixty years ago. 

Spotted at an array of shows over the recent weeks, months and years, (including Prada, Chanel and Furla) this is one trend that really is cropping up everywhere. Did anyone see the semi transparent versions at Louis Vuitton this season?
So how do you, the women of 2012, feel about the transparent bag trend? 

Do you think having a bag made of sheer plastic or PVC is a good thing? Are you loving the fact it will save you a serious amount of time at the V&A / airport / nightclub security checks next time you visit? Can’t wait to finally show off your beautiful matching Prada Madras wallet alongside your Audi key fob and iPad2?
Or are you a little more classic in your style and prefer privacy over contemporary?

I was wearing:

H&m cardigan
Miss sixty shirt
Top shop necklace
Zara neon jeans
Plastic vintage bag
Left & Right boots

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