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miercuri, 29 februarie 2012

Golden age..

After my return from London, I can say that my style changed a little bit…my daily outfits got a “London touch” and also my designs… I have a different vision on what fashion means, or should mean and from now on this vision will be reflected by my creations.

 I find this city fascinating in all its senses, but the most interesting thing for me is the London street style… I noticed that the people have a typical way to dress, as they follow the “London fashion”, as I like 
to call it… 

I was wearing :

 Rayban sun glasses
Zara leather jacket
Zara white shirt
H&m golden jumper
Only belt 
Diesel jeans
Left & Right boots 
D&G watch  

marți, 28 februarie 2012

Miss top model!!!

As I have previously promised you, i now reveal the name of the girl who will represent Romania at Miss Top Model of the World.  
She is Alexandra Bîrsan, an 18 year old beautiful model, who I think that has a bright future in the fashion industry. 
 Wish her a lot of luck, and please, don't forget to give her your vote on this site

        www.infofashion.ro    ! It counts!! 

Another dress for the Top Model of The World Romania!

   This gorgeous black dress was worn by Miss Universitaria Sonia Corina Bran and I hope that it will also bring the tilte of Miss Top Model of the World to Alexandra Bîrsan, because she will also wear it at the contest..

 Sonia Corina Bran - Miss Universitaria

Give a vote for :

Alexandra Bîrsan


My London trip..

   Sorry to keep everyone waiting to hear about my trip to London.... I am glad I got to extend my stay in London because that city is amazing!! I have never seen so many gorgeous building in my life. 

To get around we took what they call the tube (metro), i have never taken so much public transportation in my life.  


The famous red telephone box is a familiar sight in the UK streets and it was in fact, a public telephone kiosk...and if you didn't know, the chosen colour was red in order to make it easy to spot..

London bridge..  

In this photos I was wearing:

H&m scarf 
Pimkie blouse
Otto Hermann fur
Zara dress
Brics bag
Ugg boots

We started off our sightseeing by going to Buckingham Palace which is where the Queen lives. We also got to see the guards who were those massive hats n stand there n can't blink or move, i have to say it is pretty impressive, but has to be so boring!!



  Next we went to check out Big Ben, which is a massive clock tower (biggest clock in the world I believe!)

I honestly loved London and could see myself living there one day...the only problem is that it is a very pricey city, but the fun and building structures make up for it! I think everyone should get to London and you will know what i am talking about....

In these photos I was wearing:

Louis Vuitton scarf
All Saints coat
Primark leggings
Brics bag 

luni, 13 februarie 2012

Let it snow !

Inspired by the weather outside, these lyrics came into my mind… 

” The weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we've no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! “

As I have already said in previous posts, I fell in love with the orange colour and it really inspires me… 
It can be mixed with sallow colours like brown, black or burgundy, but at the same time, I can wear it together with electric blue, pink or red, colours that are and will still be very in this spring - summer season…

I really hope that this outfit will warm up a little bit your eye, because I am freezing! 
I was wearing :

Zara shirt
Bershka blazer
Otto Hermann fur vest (for sale)
Miss Sixty jeans
Altra Marea boots
Vintage bag
D&G watch 

duminică, 12 februarie 2012

New green dress...

 This is the latest Alinka creation. This grown was made for one of my friends wedding. The event was wonderfuland I hope you like my outfit for it. what do you think about it? 
 If you're interested in buying the dress or the belt, do not hesitate and contact me. 

This dress will also be worn by the model who will represent Romania at Miss Top Model of the World Alexandra Bîrsan..

I was wearing:

Alinka dress
Alinka brass belt
D&g watch
Michael Kors clutch
Zara sandals

vineri, 10 februarie 2012

Black & white attire..

Part of my business in fashion...is not to look the way the things are but to make believe what it should or could be...



 I was wearing..I will tell you soon..

miercuri, 8 februarie 2012

Dress for the Top Model of The World Romania!

 Today I finished one of the cocktail dresses that will be promoted by one of my models, who is going to represent Romania at Miss Top Model of the World. So tomorrow, if I have some free time, I will post some photos of me wearing this dress, so that you can see how it looks like… Of course, I will also post some photos of the model that we have to support and cheer for on the 7th to 15th of march and reveal her name..

All are Alinka creation!

The booties are for SALE!

This is a new pair of suede shoes with platform which are from my father's shoe store and they are for sale. They are made out of very fine leather.I have one to..:) but mine are 38
So, you know girls… if  you are interested in the shoes  do not hesitate in writing me..
Hey,the sole is PINK!!!

They are size 37 and the heel of 14 cm