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sâmbătă, 21 ianuarie 2012

I can't live without it!

Every woman need a good foundation to cover her little secrets :P so I i recommended you this Dior foundation which in my opinion  the best foundation is Dior forever because cover all imperfection and your skin "breathe" .
The foundation is supposed to provide a flawless, ultra-smooth finish, thanks to a Skincare Essence that delivers mattifying and hydrating ingredients to where they are specifically needed.

The foundation has a light cream texture that is quite easy to apply and blend for the most part. However, on areas with enlarged pores and post-acne scars, I find that it takes quite a bit more work and doesn't meld over them as easily as some other foundations I've tried. I'll need to experiment applying it with brushes or a damp sponge to see if that improves the finish, as so far, I've only been applying with my fingertips. 

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