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joi, 19 ianuarie 2012

Comfy look..

When it's too cold outside i'm not in the perfect mood to dress-up so i choose a comfortable outfit at work. Usually i go for bright coloured cardigans with flower or animal print scarf. I am also a big fan of Levi's jeans, i absolutely adore them, they are the most comfortable piece of clothing in my closet!

As i said it's very cold outside and it started snowing.. Along with the winter came my new pair of UGG so i prefer wearing them because i am a "summer person" i hate this weather.

                          What I'm wearing:

                            H&m orange top
                            Zara coreal red cardigan
                            Steilmann silk scarf
                            Levi's jeans
                            Ugg chestnut boots
                            Bric's bag

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