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joi, 5 aprilie 2012

Boyfriend style..

Many times women find inspiration in men’s clothes. Men's clothes are comfy and look really cool. If you are tired of tight tops, be ready to experiment how to wear the boyfriend shirts and create a trendy, casual look.  The 90s fashion is popping up everywhere in the fashion industry and the oversized boyfriend shirt is definitely one of these items, which is really hot this year.
 Men usually think that women wearing men’s style clothes are sexy, and girls like to enjoy the senzation of freedom these clothes confer to them. I love this style and to wear boyfriend style shirts but I still want to look feminine..

Me and the designer bag Cupar Cristina

I was wearing:

Vintage hat
Zara shirt
New yorker T-shirt
Diesel boy friend jeans
Converse sneakers
Cupar Cristina bag

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